Architecture of Mysterious Chicago

An architectural tour, but with more murders!
From the art deco flash of the Board of Trade building to the beaux arts splendor of The Rookery, few cities boast such a broad range of stunning architecture as Chicago. But there’s more to the story than just the architects and ornamentation: there’s a hidden observation deck locked away in the Board of Trade, “White City Devil” HH Holmes was a known face in the Rookery, and an early airship crashed into the building that stood between them in 1919!
In the incredible Architecture in Mysterious Chicago tour, author and historian Adam Selzer combines an architectural tour – featuring a broad range of the city’s architectural history from post-fire Cast Iron buildings to modernist masterpieces- with an unbelievable historical tour, including tales of “Hell’s Half Acre,” the early gangland criminals who stalked State Street, strange murders, unsolved mysteries, and more. The 75-90 minute tour is endlessly fascinating, ridiculously informative, and totally entertaining. Featuring both famous city highlights and little nooks that even most locals never find, it’s a great way for visitors to discover the city, or for locals to explore further with stories you won’t hear on any other tour.
Most Tuesdays and Saturdays, May-June. Ticket info for 2018 coming soon!